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“All the world’s a stage…”

Theatre Galleria is a virtual marketplace that connects and facilitates exchanges between theaters, theater professionals, prop houses, and costume houses. In shifting these networks to an online setting, we are extending the existing limits of theatre’s community and traditions.

“And all that jazz…”

How it works:


1) What do you need?

  • Buy
  • Sell/List
  • Rent


2) Browse/View/Select -- choose from a network of peer-reviewed theatres and professionals.

3) Make or receive safe and secure payments.

“There are no small parts…”

Our mission is to transform the live theatre experience into a more accessible, affordable, and profitable enterprise at all levels. In utilizing the ease and efficiency of a modern interface, we increase the transparency of transactions and provide greater assurance of quality control We strive to bring the many benefits of a sharing economy into the theatre world in order to make high quality productions possible.