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“ FAQs”

I can’t sign into my Account.

To sign in to your account, you must enter the email address you used to register. Your password is also required. If you're having trouble:
  • Make sure that the email address you're using is the one attached to your account. Do you have a different email address you might have used? Could there be a typo in your username or could you have spelled it a different way?
  • Try resetting your password.
  • Try accessing the site with a different web browser.
  • You may not have registered for an account.

How much does Theatre Galleria cost?

Signing up and listing or searching for items is completely free with Theatre Galleria.

For Buyers, the price listed on Theatre Galleria already includes our Service Fee. For Sellers, Theatre Galleria keeps a 15% of each Transaction as a Service Fee. Contacting a Seller. Theatre Galleria provides sellers with a platform to sell their props, sets and costumes. When you purchase from an Theatre Galleria seller, you're buying from a unique shop–not Theatre Galleria itself. Theatre Galleria is not directly involved in transactions between buyers and sellers. We encourage you to communicate directly with sellers through our onsite messaging system.